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Market Scan is Teaming Up with Tekion

Market Scan is proud to announce that we have entered a strategic Alliance with Experian Automotive Services; we join Forces to better serve Lenders, OEM’s Retailers and Customers.

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In-Depth Interview with Rusty West

Co-Founder and President, Rusty West, shares Market Scan’s fascinating story with Kelly Kleinman. From the early days in Atlanta to the company’s most recent surge, this interview covers many facets of Market Scan’s storied evolution, including how the they have been able to stay on top of the game, and the importance of family.

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Market Scan Powers Modern Retailing With Reliable Data

Listen-in on Brian Pasch’s PASCHON PODCAST with Rusty West. Brian and Rusty discuss the challenges facing automotive retailers and the importance of accurate and reliable data to accommodate discerning consumers, who expect immediacy in their shopping experiences.

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